If you’re curious about me…

It’s pretty obvious that I love, love, love working with courageous women who want to find peace and freedom with food and body image.

So much so, that I’ve been doing it for over 25 years!

Like you, I’ve had personal challenges with eating, weight, and body image.  I started on this journey a long time ago .  I’ve yo-yo’d, roller coastered, New Year’s resolutioned, punished and rewarded, deprived and binged, over and over.

I’m ultra-aware of the many ways that these issues take up time and energy. I also know how to reclaim that time and energy so that you can feel more fulfilled and much happier.

For me these days, happiness takes the form of spending time with loved ones, cooking, curling up with a cup of coffee and The New York Times, and finding my next source of inspiration (I’m in love with everyday creativity.)

Oh, and if you ever want to quiz me on The Brady Bunch, or dance to some good 80’s tunes, I’m game!  And yeah, that’s me–chocolate covered–and my mom in that photo above, circa 1969.

I specialize in eating issues because I have overcome disordered eating myself.  It’s my passion to help women find radical self-acceptance and practical solutions that cultivate freedom and joy.