Individual Psychotherapy

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.
–Maya Angelou

Individual Therapy for Eating Issues offers deep self-exploration and a discovery process that will help make connections between emotions, family, relationships, and lifestyle, to one’s relationship with food and body.

    • Do you have a love-hate relationship with food?
    • Does the thought of eating the “right” foods feel confusing?  Are you spending way too much time thinking about this?
    • Would you like to find some freedom and peace when it comes to food?
    • What would it be like to have a positive relationship with your body?

I’ll help you create and implement an individualized, integrative, creative, and sustainable approach that promotes lasting change.  I value and teach a non-diet approach, grounded in intuitive eating, mindfulness techniques, and health at every size. You’ll learn how to live your life with deep self-compassion, radical self-acceptance, and self-care.


Individualized: There is no ONE way to work with eating and weight issues.  We’ll find what works for the WHOLE YOU: body, mind, spirit, and heart, creating a truly authentic approach to nourishing your body and soul.

Integrative: Explore the emotional components of your relationship with food and body, as well as the practical and creative changes you can make to feel positive and successful.

Creative: What does creativity have to do with eating and body image?  By thinking creatively, not only will we find what works best for you (out of the box thinking!), you’ll also learn juicy creative practices that will be fulfilling, both for self-awareness and self-care!

Sustainable: No guilt, not gimmicks!  We stay away from fads, trends, and quick-fixes, and build an individualized plan—an approach that specializes in you, and becomes a do-able and satisfying way of life.

As we work through eating and body image issues and make the changes that you would like to make, the questions about how you want to live your life become more in focus.  The search for meaning and purpose and the journey toward self-actualization and authenticity are key components of living a happy and fulfilling life. We work to together to find the answers for you by cultivating what’s most important to you.

As you move into this part of the discovery process, you will be met with respect, positive regard and the willingness to explore the most essential questions of living.

Praise-for-Sibel-Golden-Seattle-womens-therapist-2Sibel is kind and warm, and supportive of getting to the root of the issues with proactive solutions.  I would highly recommend her to my patients and colleagues.
Tamara Cullen, ND

You may want to consider Individual Therapy if:

    • You are recovering from an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and/or orthorexia.
    • You are noticing that you are eating for emotional reasons, or suspect you might be.
    • You are not sure why or how your relationship with food and body has become so difficult and it’s time to find out!

A word about my Creative Arts Approach:

I offer a variety of creative arts experiences such as drawing and painting, collage, working with clay, journal writing and poetry, sandtray , drama, music, movement, and photography.  Using the arts provides a safe container for exploring emotions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and can be a wonderful way to deepen the process of talk therapy.  In this approach to creativity and art making, the process is just as important—if not more so!—as the product.  You do not need to have any background or prior experience in the arts to engage in this process!

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”
~Georgia O’Keeffe

Shoot me an email me or SCHEDULE a FREE 20 minute consult and we can discuss what approach would be best
for you.

Praise-for-Sibel-Golden-Seattle-womens-therapist-2(Sibel’s) ability to be fully present and use multiple treatment modalities allows her to individualize her counseling to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.  I feel confident that clients I send to her will be in good hands.
-Leslie Vietmeier, ARNP