Real Food + Real Beauty
Coaching with Sibel Golden, Phd.

Ever wonder if your healthy food choices are getting in the way of a healthy life?

•Are you spending a lot of time and energy thinking about dieting, healthy food and what you’re  going to eat?

•Do you bully yourself because you’re dissatisfied with your weight, shape, size, or appearance?

•Do you feel guilty or fearful when you’re not eating the “right” foods?

•Does a “good day” depend on your size, weight, or what you eat?

Let’s talk about it…because food isn’t supposed to be scary, and I’d really like your day to be about living well, not your scale or kale.

I’ll help you:

•Make peace with food, and decide what works for you.

•Find your way through the trends and fear, and create an eating plan that’s reasonable and frees your time and energy.

•Find your beauty…it’s there, my dear.

You’re Amazing. Isn’t It Time to Feel Like It?

Real Food+Real Beauty = a soul-nourishing approach that combines juicy and creative with down-to-earth-real-world practical.  Now doesn’t that sound good?

Are you ready to?:

Nourish: You know when you’re hungry and what you’re hungry for. You nourish yourself with foods you love and that support your well-being, not what or how anyone else says you should eat.  You feel satisfied and know when you’re full. Plus, you find what nourishes your soul and your creative spirit, and embrace your body—and your whole self—as a work of art.

Flourish: You have brilliant clarity about how to care for your mind, body, spirit, and heart– in about a billion ways– that don’t have to do with food. You’re in sync with yourself.   You have choices. You’re ready to reclaim your energy and focus on what truly beings you joy.

Create: Everyday creativity is a thing!  You are creative in your approach to food and eating, problem-solving, and self-care!  Ahh, you find your creative nest: you nurture your passions and in turn, they nurture you.  Most of all, you find your creative spirit—that part of you that is ready to live out loud—creating and living from what inspires you and touches your whole life.

I can help you get there.

You’ve come so far and have accomplished so many things. Still, you wish you could live your life without worrying constantly about food and weight. You just want to feel good about yourself, no second-guessing; no doubts. But you’re stuck.  You’re still holding on to food rules and guilt, and maybe even shame about not being able to get this right.   You’re looking for help to get to a place where you can be clear about how to take care of yourself with food, find what nourishes your soul and your creative spirit, and embrace your body—and your whole self—as a work of art.


What We Do Together

I help you dive deep into your relationship with food and body, so you can understand what makes you tick. Then we can find creative and practical solutions that are just for you, so they’re do-able & sustainable. Hello, freedom!

After working with me, you’ll have a toolkit that’ll help you stay focused on what’s right for YOU—not what your best friend is doing, or the next trend that comes along. You’ll feel radical acceptance for yourself and the bliss of letting go of all of that old self-criticism.

I work with women who have the courage and desire to get to the heart of what’s not working with their relationship to food and their body because that’s where real transformation takes place. This is for you if you’re looking for solutions that are sustainable and actually do-able—even when life gets busy. But keep in mind, this isn’t just me offering you a bunch of meal plans and sending you on your way. Instead, I invite you to reflect on how you got to this point and how you can shift toward the life you long for.

A Coaching Session with me-

“Through my work with Sibel I am developing a new love and respect for my body, health, and emotions…Sibel has guided me through profound learning about my relationship to food, body image and an ever-growing understanding of myself. With knowledge, insights and love she encourages me to remain curious. I am so very proud of our work together. It truly touches every aspect of my life.” 
–Maria C.

In our coaching sessions we’ll focus on your relationship with food and identify what’s working and what’s not.  You’ll learn:

•How to identify hunger and fullness and how to nourish yourself well.
•How to stop worrying about your weight and make choices based on what’s best for you and your body.
•How to work with the Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and Health at Every Size approaches.

What I add to that, in addition to my 25 years of specializing in this work, is a creative, soul-nourishing approach with a real world attitude, and a passion to help you find a practical and life-enhancing plan for moving ahead. Schedule a FREE consultation and we’ll get started!

I can work with you in my office in Seattle, by phone, or by Skype!

Learn more about Real Food, Real Beauty.

“With a creative approach through art, journaling, one-on-one, group therapy, and so much more, Sibel has helped me realize that I am not a problem that needs to be solved. Instead, I have infinite worth, and there is hope and freedom in respecting what my body does for me on a daily basis, and that if I listen, my body has a lot to say. And in those moments of confusion or chaos, greeting myself with grace goes a long way.”
–Kim P.

Work with Me

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Single introductory coaching session: $175 for 80 minutes

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One 80 minute session and three 45 minute *follow-up sessions: $435
*must be scheduled within 3 months of purchase

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